Oil and Canvas

Now, when we give you a price, we give you a price! There are no add-ons, extra charges, compensations, commissions, «Oops, I forgot this!», «Oh, I ran out of paint!,» etc. Like I said, when we give you a price, we give you a price. No surprises.
Brand: Winsor & Newton
Winsor & Newton Oil Colour owes its reputation for supreme quality to the careful selection of the very finest pigments.
By exercising maximum quality control throughout all stages of manufacture, selecting the most suitable drying oils and methods of pigment dispersion, the unique individual qualities of the colours are preserved.
Winsor & Newton Artists canvas is made from a premium high quality 8oz cotton cloth with medium grain surface, which has been triple coated with a specially formulated Winsor & Newton acid free primer giving superior adhesion and penetration of colour.The all sizes is available.
Brand: Loxley
Loxley deep edged canvas with no staples on the side enabling the artist to paint the sides which eliminates the frame. Loxley canvas are a medium grain 100% cotton canvas. They are acrylic primed and acid free and are suitable for oil and acrylics.
Well, that’s everything about oil colours and materials. What happens next?
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