Decorations and Airbrushing

Making art decorations with the help of airbrushing, sculpting , etc.
Themed interior design.
Individual projects , for both individual dwellings and commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, TV studios, theatres and concert scenes , all kinds of exhibitions , shopping centres , medical and educational institutions, crèches , catering , etc …
Decoration can hide the ventilation, heating, water, gas , air pipes, power , fire alarms , video surveillance cables.
Services of a creative painter and decorator needed in any of the above cases. We will help you to realize your ideas, pick the right project. We will take into consideration all the conditions and characteristics of each customer, budgets and time matters.
Decorating using Airbrushing – can be done quicker and requires less precision and detail than hand-painted art. Decorations made using airbrushing can be varnished and then easily maintained and cleaned in the future.